Hossam Sarhan

Hossam Sarhan

حساب موثق


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I am an innovative, self-taught professional with comprehensive production management, video shooting and editing, film and media, art direction, graphic design, and photography experience acquired across international regions. I am well versed in providing hands-on leadership and overseeing associated functions to include film and promo production, full-cycle project management, creative media development, lighting and colouring, visual FX, audio mixing, 2D animation, graphic design, scriptwriting, team building, and relationship management.

In addition, I am a strong communicator experienced in building and leading media departments, facilitating professional development, and managing relationships with diverse clients, colleagues, and management teams at all levels. I have also served in multiple roles as DOP, Cameraman, Final Editor, and Executive Producer for several award-winning and highly influential film projects, some of which have been a catalyst for social change. Further, I am a detail-oriented individual capable of leveraging extensive industry experience and general management skills to drive the continued achievement of organisational objectives.

I am known as a versatile contributor with experience in all production management and film direction functions, exceptional communication and leadership skills, and a continued commitment to implementing industry best practices.


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